Smart database for business and marketing
3 million of companies in the Czech republic and Slovakia, 200 searching parameters

You will save time, money and your mind from being stressed

Albertina will help you with whom to do business. You will find reliable clients and suppliers. You will find out about financial condition of companies and will avoid bad payers. You will dispose of public and inside information and all that in one place.
Attractive reports are just a cherry on the top.

What for instance you will find out about companies:

  • Phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, company registration numbers
  • Proprietors, management and ties
  • Products, services, real properties
  • The distance from your position according to GPS

Albertina packets

It only takes 5 minutes and you get to know everything.

Enter company type

Enter company type(Ltd. or Inc.), minimum amount of employees (e.g. 6) and minimum company turnover (e.g. 30 million Kč).

> 20 000 companies

Exclude problematic companies

Exclude problematic companies, if you set minimum non-payment risk (e.g. max. 3,5 %).

> 11 000 companies

Aim at a specific area

Aim at a specific area(e.g.. Brno), set the distance from your registered place (e.g. 30 km) and get suitable companies.

830 relevant companies
with a profit within last year

Choose your own packet

You will acquire contact details of more than 3 million of companies in the Czech republic and Slovakia

ALBERTINA CZ | Silver Edition 10.000 with monthly updates
14 900 CZK net of VAT
  • basic contact details of companies
  • proprietors, statutory bodies, management
  • the number of employees
  • annual turnover
ALBERTINA CZ | Gold Edition 30.000 with monthly updates
59 000 CZK net of VAT
Everything as in Silver + extra:
  • financial statements data
  • payment history information

Would you prefer a cheaper database only for a selected field?

Choose a specialized database

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