Do you do business in a specific field? Choose the individual solution.
You will only get information you can truly use and you will get it in no time.

How does it work

According to your requirements we will create a background research or partial market analysis. We have all necessary information in databases of companies. We will seek out the rest. We will add information from abroad. The database will be sent to you electronically. If you do not know which field to focus on, just send us company registration numbers of your customers and we will spot other potential customers for you.

What is it you will get

A specialized tool to approach new customers and to analyse your current ones

Chart the market and the competition

Data suitable for telemarketing, direct mailing and other marketing campaigns

Have a look at the databases we have created

Background research in MS Excel
A sample of selective criteria

We will provide the results in requested format.

Analysis in the Report programme.
A sample of the analysis

All well arranged and graphically presented.

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