Do you want to approach companies in a specific field or even selected staff members?
We will provide you with updated and verified contact details.

Why choose a specialized database

You will only find companies, you are truly interested in - addresses, names, phone numbers. You will acquire plenty of contacts, which are not easy to look up on the internet.

We will provide the database electronically and you can import the data into your own systems.

How does it work

Who do you want to approachSuggested solutionA database for you
Customers, suppliers, business partners(B2B) Company database aimed for selected market segments Managers, printing offices, accounting companies, physicians, education, etc.
End customers suitable for direct marketing Physical entities contact details database Phone and mobile numbers of persons database, private households
Combination of the preceding or other requests Individual selection based on customers‘ analysis and companies‘ requirements Selection of specialized databases or Albertina database

Select your specialization

Have a look at the databases we have created

Specialized B2C database:
Phone numbers of private persons

A sample of selective criteria

You can approach spotted customers in no time.

Specialized B2B database:
Managers of big-sized companies

Export into MS Excel

Do not bite your way through the company structure, approach the company's management directly.

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